Table Frames
WEKIS table frame is made of solid materials and high quality craftsmanship, high temperature spray paint, uniform and glossy lacquer, using high quality and thick thick steel pipe or steel plate to strengthen rust and corrosion prevention. Use of environmentally friendly spray paint, no odor, scratch-resistant, longer life of the table base.
The stability and weight capacity of our table frame is stronger, all frames use scientific structural design, thick thicker rods make the table legs more stable, saving the worry of shaking the table.
Wide range of applications, can be easily attached to glass, metal, marble, wood surfaces. They are removable and reusable. This helps to create a variety of DIY projects.
Also, we have upgraded the detail design with a plastic floor mat, which not only protects the life of the table frame, but also reflects stability. It solves the problem of table shaking caused by uneven ground and makes the table more stable.
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